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Solar Energy is an important element in the reduction of contamination in our planet by generating clean electrical energy using the sun as the primary source. For savings in solar energy please see the ads shown on the solar energy pages in this website or go to http://www.supersolarandmore.com/SOLAR_ENERGY_SALES.html .

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NATURAL GAS: One of the most important things for the economy of this country is to have a policy to be energy independent by making use of all its abundant energy resources.  NATURAL GAS is very abundant in the United States and can be used in many ways to reduce our dependence in foreign oil, and to help reduce the emissions of pollutants into the atmosphere. The combustion of natural gas emits about 30% less carbon dioxide than oil, and under 45% less carbon dioxide than coal. The latest estimates indicate that there are over 2,500 trillion cubic feet of recoverable natural gas in the United States. The United States generates approximately 24% of its electricity from natural gas.  For more information on the benefits of natural gas please visit the Natural Gas Energy webpage by going to http://www.supersolarandmore.com/NATURAL_GAS_ENERGY.html 

The PETROLEUM or CRUDE OIL reserves in the United States as of the end of 2009 are approximately 39.0 billion barrels. In 2010 2/3 of the total petroleum consumption was for transportation, mainly gasoline. Other uses are Industrial 23%, Residential and Commercial 5%, and 1% for Electric Power.  The United States imports less than half of its oil consumption. For more information on the benefits and usage of petroleum or crude oil in the United States please visit the PETROLEUM OR CRUDE OIL ENERGY webpage by going to http://www.supersolarandmore.com/PETROLEUM_OIL_ENERGY.html

COAL is a non-renewable fossil fuel source of energy. Coal is the largest source of energy for electrical power generation worldwide. With the latest clean coal technology, it is possible to burn coal with very minimal impact on the environment. With the use of advance filtering and ash and particles collection from the exhaust gases after combustion in their path to the stack or chimney the elimination of most pollutants is achievable. The latest technology make use of a bag house and hoppers, absorber, and electrostatic precipitators for cleaning the gases before they exit to the atmosphere. For more information on the benefits and usage of coal in the United States please visit the COAL ENERGY webpage in this website by going to http://www.supersolarandmore.com/COAL_ENERGY.html  

WATER is a renewable source of energy. By using water as the source of energy in the hydroelectric power plants, the United States generated approximately 6.5 % of the nation’s electricity requirements in 2008. Water energy has many applications including water pumping for human consumption, and land irrigation, but one of the main uses is for generating  hydroelectric power, starting in 1882 when the world’s first commercial DC hydroelectric power plant provided electricity for a paper mill in Appleton, Wisconsin. The Vulcan Street Plant began operation on September 30, 1882, generating enough electricity to power two paper mills and the house of the president of the Appleton Paper & Pulp Company. For more information on the benefits and usage of Water Energy in the United States please visit the WATER ENERGY webpage in this website by going to http://www.supersolarandmore.com/WATER_ENERGY.html 

NUCLEAR ENERGY is one of the best alternatives for electric power generation in the United States because it provides one of the most economical, stable and reliable power source available to us at this time. There are 104 commercial nuclear reactors that generate approximately 20 % of the total electric energy in this country. There are three more nuclear power plants under construction that may start operation in the near future. One of the nuclear reactors is under construction at the Watts Bar Nuclear Plant in Tennessee and is scheduled to be completed in 2015. The other two nuclear units are being built by the Southern Company and are scheduled to be completed by 2016 and 2017. According to the US Department of Energy, the cost of electrical nuclear generation is 67 US dollars per megawatt hour (2007). For more information on the benefits and usage of Nuclear Energy in the United States please visit the NUCLEAR ENERGY webpage in this website by going to http://www.supersolarandmore.com/NUCLEAR_ENERGY.html

WIND is an excellent renewable source of energy that is effectively used to generate electric power, pump water, impulse sailboats, and many other uses. Due to the high cost of fossil fuels at the present time, it is imperative that we make use of wind energy whenever possible for our energy needs. Wind power electrical generation is increasing in many countries, and there are big governmental incentives and tax credits for new and current producers and consumers. For more information on the benefits and usage of wind energy go to http://www.supersolarandmore.com/WIND_ENERGY_SALES.html