The Entertainment Industry has given us many beautiful things that have amused us tremendously with amazing performances felt in our hearts. We have seen excellent performances and creativity in animation, comedy, cinema and theater, dance and music, fashion and modeling, fun & trivia, and movies. The technological advances on the 20th and 21st centuries have been the vehicle that brought these amazing performances throughout the world for people to be able to enjoy them. Some of these technological advances include the radio, television, TV programs , videos, recordings, vocal shows, electronic music, musical instruments, the internet, movies and music downloads. Please see the ads shown on this web page to obtain great benefits.  Please enjoy some of the most beautiful performances: The world renown tenors Domingo, Pavarotti and Carrera sing FELIZ NAVIDAD
Barbra streisand sings the beautiful songs SILENT NIGHT , SILENT NIGHT (with Christmas scenes) , and MEMORIES . Frank Sinatra in his unique style sings SILENT NIGHTMY WAYNEW YORK NEW YORK , and EXTRANGERS IN THE NIGHT . Agustin Lara the great mexican composer sings the beautiful songs MARIA BONITAVERACRUZ , and FAROLITO . From the Dominican Republic the great composer and singer Juan luis Guerra brings some of his beautiful music with the following songs: BURBUJAS DE AMOROJALA QUE LLUEVA CAFE , ME ENAMORO DE ELLA AMOR DE CONUCO , and LA BILIRRUBINA . From Argentina Carlos Gardel brings us some of the most beautiful tangos: MI BUENOS AIRES QUERIDOS , VOLVER , and DIOS MUCHACHOS . Julio Iglesias sings the tango ADIOS PAMPA MIA . Shakira sings WAKA WAKA . Natking Cole made popular many songs because of his unique and beautiful voice, here he sings UNFORGETTABLE , and with his daughter Natalie they sing in a masterful way UNFORGETTABLE . Elvis presley sings JAILHOUSE ROCK , and LOVE ME TENDER . Celine Dion sings A NEW DAY HAS COME , and from the movie Titanic MY HEART WILL GO ON . Gloria Stefan sings NO TE OLVIDARE . From the Cuba of yesterday Barbarito Diez sings BAJO EL PALMAR , and from the Dominican Republic Barbarito Diez sings LAGRIMAS NEGRAS . From the Dominican Republic Vinicio Franco sings the merenges SANCOCHO PRIETO , and COMPADRE PEDRO JUAN . Also, from the Dominican Republic Rafael Colon and Nini Caffaro sing the beautiful song LUNA SOBRE EL JARAGUA .