Water is a renewable source of energy. By using water as the source of energy in the hydroelectric power plants, the United States generated approximately 6.5 % of the nation’s electricity requirements in 2008. Water energy has many applications including water pumping for human consumption, and land irrigation, but one of the main uses is for generating hydroelectric power. The first hydroelectric power was generated in 1880 in  the United States in Grand Rapids, Michigan at the Wolverine Chair Factory using a water turbine connected to a dynamo and using a  mechanical belt drive to illuminate sixteen street lights. But the real beginning of the hydroelectric power generation occurred in 1882 when the world’s first commercial DC hydroelectric power plant provided electricity for a paper mill in Appleton, Wisconsin. The Vulcan Street Plant began operation on September 30, 1882, generating enough electricity to power two paper mills and the house of the president of the Appleton Paper & Pulp Company.