Wind Electric Power is becoming the lowest cost renewable energy. For that reason, today wind power is the fastest growing form of electric power generation. The United States and China are at the top of the list of the large producers of wind electric power. This is the best way to reduce our dependence on foreign oil and help our environment by generating our electricity without carbon dioxide emissions.

Wind Electrical Power Plants use large wind turbine generators. The turbines blades are rotated by the kinetic energy in the moving wind. Then, this energy is transferred to the generator rotor that generate the electricity. The wind turbine technology is improving every day more with state of the art designs for very reliable performance and cost-effective operation.

Wind turbines are being installed at a large scale in wind farms on land, and also at offshore at our nation’s costal areas. The US coastlines have the biggest wind potential and provide one of the best location to install the wind turbines that will generate big percentage of the electricity needed in this country.

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